About Us

Welcome to our little piece of paradise. We want Sunflower Babes Boutique to be your escape too - where you'll find fun, frilly and delightfully unique clothing and accessories you'll love for your kiddo and yourself.  
Our clothing and accessories are perfect for playtime and spectacular at special events. We're proud to offer a creatively charming selection as unique as you are. We're always adding new items - we get new arrivals every few weeks.
Founded in 2020, Sunflower Babes Boutique is a family-owned (mother and daughter) business located in Winchester, Ky. We are proud to provide our customers - new and loyal - with marvelous customer service, sweet + special clothes and super-fast shipping. We are thankful that you continue to share your delight with Sunflower Babes Boutique with your friends and family - you've helped our business grow, allowing us to provide you with even more of the easy, breezy style you love. And we're always excited to see how you create cute and charming options with our comfortable clothes and creative accessories —you are awesome!
We are proud to consider you part of the Sunflower Babes Boutique family. Thank you for letting us be a small, special piece of yours. 
Take your time, look around. We think you're going to really like it here with us.
We look forward to connecting with you and your family.